Canyoning Performance


After a short and easy approach walk in the direction of the canyoning performance, start the descent of the integral Grosdar. Go for a sensational full day canyoning performance tour !

You will abseil the most beautiful waterfall of the Jura Mountains, the Queue de Cheval (up to 70 meters high), swim on naturals pools, jump (never obligatory), slide on naturals rock-slides, sculpter by the water, all on a wonderful landscape !

And to top it all, you will take a picnic (not included), in the middle of the canyoning, to the sun !

This Canyoning Performance tour in Saint Claude, in the Jura, is possible with a small team, with sports people, who have a first canyoning and/or abseiling experience.


Discover Canyoning Performance in the Jura, in Saint Claude. Canyoning of the integral Grosdar for sports people who need thrills !

Level Sports – From 16 years old

Place Jura Mountains – Canyoning of the integral Grosdar in Saint Claude near the Pays de Gex, Geneva, Lausanne, Nyon and Lyon

See the place of practice

Provide Swimsuit, sports shoes (sneakers or hiking), bottle of water, snacks

See the gear to provide

THE PRICE INCLUD : The guide, collective and individual gears and an insurance.


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