Rock Climbing Lessons

You are sports association leader, and you want a professional guide (Rock Climbing Instructor) in your club, to give Rock Climbing Lessons, to children, teenagers or adults ? We offer you rock climbing lessons and training from beginners to competitor.

Rock Climbing Lessons for everybody in an association !

Level Beginner to competitor

Place Public gym – Pays de Gex – Peron (Gym of l’Annaz) ; Gex (Espace Perdtemps) ; Ferney Voltaire (Gym Henriette d’Angeville) ; Saint Genis Pouilly (Diamenterie)

Private gym – Pays de Gex – Saint Genis Pouilly (Corti Grimpe 01) or Haute Savoie – Neydens (Vitam Parc) ; Annemasse (Arkose) or Suisse (Totem escalade ; le Cube ;

See the place of practice

Provide Sportswear, bottle of water, snacks

See the material to provide

THE PRICE INCLUD : The guide, collective and individual gears and an insurance.


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