Crazy Packs | Canyoning – Via Ferrata

74,00 140,00 

With the Crazy Packs, share a day of activities Canyoning and Via Ferrata, with your family, and your children, or your friends, and live an adventure, that you will never forgot !

In the morning, climb a Via Ferrata in the Jura, and go to the top of a cliff, thanks to ladders and bars, all in having fun on monkey and nepalease bridges, gateways, abseils and zipline (depends of the pack).

After a short road link by car, between the two places of activities, you will have the time to take a picnic (not included), before to jump in the canyoning in our beautiful Jura !

The Canyoning will be agremented by naturals rock slides, sulpted by water, jumps of differents hights (never obligatory), swim parts under waterfalls and abseils (depends of the pack), all in a crazy landscape !