Maxi Crazy Packs – Canyoning / Rock Climbing / Via Ferrata

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With the Maxi Crazy Packs, share two days of outdoor activities Canyoning, Via Ferrata and Rock Climbing with your family, and your children, or your friends, and live unique  adventure, in the middle of the Jura mountains !

The first day, in the morning, try Rock Climbing on a cliff, just with climbing shoes and your hands ! You will appreciate the cliff because it is not to high, and it’s fresh during hots days of summer. Your guide will show you how to use climbing gears, and how to climb the wall.

The afternoon, climb a Via Ferrata of the Jura, close to the rock climbing cliff. You will climb to the top of an other cliff, thanks to ladders and bars, all in having fun on monkey and nepalease bridges, gateways, abseils and zipline (depends of the pack).

The day after (or an other one during your hollidays), you will jump in the river for Canyoning near Saint Claude, for a half or full day ! The Canyoning will be agremented by naturals rock slides, sulpted by water, jumps of differents hights (never obligatory), swim parts under waterfalls and abseils (depends of the pack), all in a maxi-crazy landscape !