Rock Climbing Multi-pitches routes in the Calanques – 2 Days

A partir de 275€ / personne

Go to a Multipitches Rock Climbing training course in the new Calanques National Park in Marseille !

During this Multipitches Rock Climbing training course your guide will make you a visit of the classical multi-pitches routes of the Calanques of Sormiou, MorgiouEn Vau or the Grande Candelle. Your guide will teach you the important things to lead you to the autonomy in multipitches routes.

After climbing ? You will enjoy the beach and the sea.

In Cassis, you will find the restaurant who will suit you to take necessary power, for the next day.

Rock Climbing Multipitches training course open to every climber, who climb 5b or more, in top-rope.

Carpooling is possible from GenevaLyonValenceAvignonAix-en-Provence.