Multi-pitches Climbing course in Presles – 2 Days

A partir de 350€ / personne

A multi-pitch climbing course in Presles to discover the best cliff of the Vercors

The time of a weekend, enjoy Presles mythical multi-pitch climbing routes, in the Vercors mountains.

The charming village of Presles is known for them high quality of climbing cliffs.

You will start this multi-pitch climbing course by a revision about how to use ropes, and specifically about multi-pitch climbing routes, like, for exemple, belay, and belaying your partner of course, but also abseils, essential to access to the routes.

Multi-pitch Climbing course open to every climber, who climb 5c or more, in top-rope.

Contact us to book your Climbing Course in Presles in the Vercors.