Multi-pitch Climbing course in the Verdon – 4 Days

A partir de 363,00 € / pers

Climbing in the Verdon… Where everything started ! Mandatory way for every climber, and that with all kind of levels.To give you an idee, multipitch climbing routes in the Verdon can be resumate only by the word “magical“, thanks to the vertigineus cliffs, the wonderful rock, vultures who fly just above your head, the blue river… a package who makes dreamed.

You will start this multipitch climbing course in the Verdon by a revision about how to use ropes, and specifically about multi-pitch climbing routes, like, for exemple, belay, and belaying your partner of course, but also abseils, essential to access to the routes.

To people who want to climb only in top-rope, you are also welcome.

Multipitch Climbing course open to every climber, who climb 5c, or more, in top-rope.

Contact us to book your Climbing Course in the Verdon in Provence.