Trad climbing camp in Annot and Verdon | Learn how to use your friends, nuts and more in full serenity

stage d'escalade trad annot verdon

5am, during the weekend of Ascension, we leave the Pays de Gexfor the trad climbing camp in Annot !

Arrived at noon, under a sun that we didn’t saw for a long time in the Pays de Gex. Fast, every body is ready to climb !

To start this trad climbing camp in Annot, nothing better than initiation to artificial climbing. The best way to trust gears as nuts, friends, ball-nuts, hooks…

Next, we tried free climbing in top rope first. It’s not an habitude to climb in cracks, so we have to learn how to climb. Then we start lead climbing, and we use differents technics for climbing and protect ourself with nuts.

It was impossible to don’t go in Verdon Gorges to spent a multipitches route. So we choose half bolted route, where you have to put your own protections. Few of us have completely climbed like in Blackbean few pitches !

This trad climbing camp in Annot give you some motivation ? Don’t wait anymore !

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