Our Values

Rock’n Jump Adventure engaged itself to offer you a good quality of services during your activities Rock Climbing, Canyoning and Via Ferrata, near the Pays de Gex, Geneva, Lausanne and Nyon, in the Jura mountains, with a practice who respects the environment and fair.

Your level, your wishes

We offer you the outdoor activities Canyoning, Rock Climbing and Via Ferrata in the Jura, according with your level, and your wishes, every days, all year long, near you.


Your guide can any time change the plan, for security reason, especially, dependent on the level of entrants or of the weather.

To maximize the security during you Canyoning, Rock Climbing and Via Ferrata tours, we ask you to take some personals gear, especially sports laces shoes. We offer you the possibility to rent some shoes and Via Ferrata gloves.


To assure your comfort and your security, we offer tour with human groups sizes. You will never arrive in “tourist factory”. If you are already a full group, but a big group, we will be one guide extra, or more.

If you don’t want to be incorporated to a group, on a common tour, we offer you the possibility to have a guide just for you, with the VIP Tour with a guide just for you.

The equipment provided

We engaged ourself to lend you good quality gear, clean, confortable, and in the standards. Our gear are change regularly, and are followed in a register IPE (Individual Protection Equipment).


When it’s possible, we offer carpooling, from big cities, depending of the way of your guide.

We give a large importance to the respect of the nature, to the wildlife and flora. Some places are not allowed, or recommended, a period of the year, to leave some rare and/or protected species, to reproduce.

For exemple :

  • in Canyoning, we try to don’t walk in gravel pits and sandbanks, where truites and salmon reproduce ;
  • in Rock Climbing, we dont climb routes where there is a couple of golden eagle…

Finally, all the Canyoning gear are cleaned after every use, with a biodegradable product, who don’t alter the quality of the water of our rivers.

Guides remuneration

Your guides are all in possession of the professional licence to supervise your activities. Your guides make a fun job, but they are not volunteers. So we strive to pay them correctly and fairly.